Monart and Vasart Glass

The name Moncrieff has been associated with the finest collectable glass for almost a century. The Ysart brothers, who came to Scotland from Spain in 1915 were instrumental in creating this reputation. The brothers led the manufacture of Monart in the Moncrieff factory from the mid-1920's until the early 1960's . Examples of their work can be seen in the images opposite. All hand-blown glass is unique, and strikingly colourful.

Monart was in great demand until the Second World War, appearing in all the right houses around the world, even the Queen has some very fine pieces. In recent years Monart has seen a revival in popularity and it commands high prices at auction.

In Perth your will still find many links Monart, a must see is the Perth Museum which has a a number of very fine examples of all the Perth glass types. Another remnant is William Manson Paperweights based just off Shore Road. William a former apprentice of Paul Ysart is a very fine Paperweight maker in his own right.

There is a regular demand for additional information on the Ysarts brothers, the information on the net seems to be the same facts, repeated. We felt it would be a good idea to have something different. Illustrated below is a drawing of the old Moncrieff factory showing the layout of the furnace area and where the Ysart brothers and latterly Paul Ysart worked. Below that the transcript of a conversation with one of Salvador Ysarts workers.

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