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Boiler Spares

Boiler Spares, or perhaps more accurately Boiler Consumables are essential to the efficient running of any boiler. Prudent maintenance with quality value for money parts extends the life of your boiler and save money in the long run.

Turning to the OEM for your parts can be very expensive. John Moncrieff offers a range of quality, value for money Boiler Spares that are used, by maintenance firms and end users alike.Our products can be found in many hundreds of plants in over 90 countries world-wide and are compatible with all major boiler types.
Compression Packing PDF

Valve Spares / Die Form Rings
Die Formed Packing Rings are an essential parts of any valve. Fitting around the spindle the ensure it's smooth action and the prevent leakage. The effective sealing properties, combined with the ease with which it can be removed and replace ensure graphite is the material of choice.

Moncrieff rings are designed to suit every brand of valve from the smallest up to the largest globe and gate valves. With over 40,000 types of valve on the market. If we don't have them in stock we can make them for you.
Moncrieff seals can be used to seal hot water, high temperature and pressure steam, heat transfer fluid, hydrogen gas, ammonia, organic solvents, hydrocarbons, cryogenic liquids etc

Klinger Piston Valve Rings
We can supply a range of branded and unbranded replacement piston valve packing for Klinger valves. Our prices are very competitive. For a PDF of sizes Click here

Packing Sleeves are used in many brands of Gauge Cock, to prevent leakage and to ensure effective operation. Moncrieff Packing Sleeves are made from 99.5% pure graphite, with stainless steel eyelets, the computer controlled compression, ensure a standard, quality product.

New on the Market Graphite/PTFE Sleeve, after months of development we have come with our new sleeves, that has the benefits of both graphite and PTFE. Graphite is known for it's sealing qualities, PTFE for it's rigidity, now you can have the benefits of both in our new combined sleeve. Please ask for details.

Moncrieff Packing Sleeves are compatible with all brands of sleeve packed cock: Klinger, Gresswell, Shaw, Bont, Level RCM, Dewrance, Hopkinsons and many more. Current sizes available as standard:

Size Inside Dia
D1 (mm)
Outside Dia
D2 (mm)
Length Uncompressed
L (mm)
AB10 10 14 18,5
AB12 12 18 23
AB18 18 26 32
AB22 22 33 37
AB28 28 38 44
AB32 32 45 52
AB40 40 52 56
AB50 50 62 65

Manhole and Handhole Gaskets
Moncrieff Gaskets are manufactured from a unique combination of non asbestos material, rubberized, with inconel wire insertions and coated in graphite. The gaskets are suitable for sealing boiler doors and can operate at pressures up to 350 psi and working temperatures to 500 Deg F, (250 Deg C). Sizes are available to suit all boiler types.

Blow Down Valves
Blow Down Valves are used to aid the removal of slug and unwanted materials after cleaning.

Moncrieff offers the following sizes :
1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2" and 2" as standard.

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