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Circular Glass

Sight glasses are used to view activity within a sealed vessel or hazardous area. The glass itself can be manufactured from Borosilicate, Soda Lime or Quartz
Glass in both toughened and annealed forms. If you are unsure of the material required please quote us the maximum usage temperature and pressure and we will advise.This page focuses on circular glass for replacement and maintenance purposes. Details on the complete sightglass assemblies can be found here. Details on Mica and Gaskets

If the sight glass you require is not listed.then prices for nonstandard sizes and glasses made from other glass types are available on request. We can make sight glasses up to 500mm in diameter and up to 65mm thick. PDF Technical Information

Furnace Panels, Furnace Observation Glasses can be made to suit any furnace to allow viewing inside the furnace. Traditional cobalt blue and green/black welding glass can be supplied, as well as many other colour including navigation colours in traditional or diacroic glass.

Port Gauges Kits
Sight Glass for use in Port Gauges are small round sightglasses used in High Pressure applications. The glass should be replaced at least once a year, depending on the usage conditions, as part of a regular plant maintenance. The glass comes in kit form , and depending on the manufacturer can include Glass, Mica and several gaskets. Purchasing the kit from the original manufacturer can be very expensive, and therefore as a result of customer demand we have developed a range of alternative kits. The kits we have available are suitable for a variety brands including: Yarway, Diamond Power, and Bunkie Boeki.


Shaped Glass
Shaped Glass can be produced in almost any flat shape for lighting or other industrial applications with the use of a waterjet cutting facility. The waterjet is a very versatile piece of equipment so if you have a need for competitive quotation please contact us. Examples of products we supply with the use of the waterjet are : beveled panels for domestic and fire doors, star shaped light fittings and stepped or tapered circular glass fittings.

Sight Glass are used have a wide range of application some of which include:port holes for ships, ovens, kettles, furnaces, stills, pressure vessels, chemical tanks, etc.

Protection Glass for CNC Machines
-- Unique combination of Laminated and Toughened Glass
-- Glass on both surfaces allows a clear view
-- Last over 20 times as long as standard polycarbonate

For further information on our range of complete sightglass ports: Circular Sight Ports

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