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Liquid Level Gauges

Liquid Level Gauges, Sight Ports, Flow Indicators and Magnetic Gauges thanks to a recent acquisition are now part of the John Moncrieff Limited product range. We offer a comprehensive range of flow monitoring products competing very well with Klinger, Jerguson. Penberthy and Bont

The acquisition means that we can now offer the hardware to compliment our glass, with the added advantage of competitively priced spares:

Liquid Level and Tank Level Gauges
Applications range from simple fluid measurement within a sealed vessel to measurement of steam working up to 390 Psi and working temperatures in excess of 500 Deg F(260 Deg C). Gauge cocks are available in either Stainless Steel, Cast Iron with a choice of lever or cool grip handwheel. Flanged or Screwed Fittings with a choice of glass size to suit your application.

When enquiring please specify the Centre to Centre distance, the type of fitting required, maximum usage pressure and temperature, and final the media.

Reflex Liquid Level Gauges
Reflex Level Gauges suitable for storage tanks, low pressure boilers and liquid gases. The prismatic effect in the glass makes the liquid appear black and therefore giving clear indication of level.

Transparent Liquid Level Gauges
Transparent and High Pressure Gauges are suitable where the media is corrosive to glass and for higher pressure applications up to 5000 psi. Weld Pad versions also available. When ordering please specify the Centre to Centre distance, the fitting required, max. usage pressure, temperature, and the media involved.

Magnetic Level Gauges
We can now offer a comprehensive range of magnetic gauges to suit  all applications, full details can be found on the PDF. Switches can compliment the gauge or the new Radar alternative is proving to be a very popular and comprehensive method of monitring liquid level

Moncrieff offers the widest variety of different brands including Klinger, Level, Bont and our own brand.

Circular Sight Ports
These are used to allow observation within sealed vessels. They are available in Bolt on, Weld Pad and Screw Port. Sizes up 300mm are available in a choice of glass types to suit the application.There are also options of wiper blades and build in lighting. When enquiring please specify max.usage temperature, pressure and required viewing diameter.

Technical Data (PDF):  

>> Tubular Gauges:NPT Fittings

>> Tubular Gauges:BSP Fittings

>> Gauge Cocks

>> Liquid Level Gauges
>> Reflex Type
>> Transparent Type
>> Accessories
>> Circular Sight Ports

>> Magnetic Level Gauges

>> Magnetic Radar

>> Installation, Operation, Maintenance

>> Flow Instruments

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