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Pressed Glass

Moncrieff is unique in that we offer a variety of glass making options designed to suit any customer requirements. We specialize in custom made products. Our reputation for supplying high quality glass products goes right back to 1865 when the original company was founded. Our customer list, extends from Blue Chip companies such as BP, Shell and Smithkline Beecham to small companies with a hand full of employees. Pressed Glassware is made when glass is placed into a mould and pressed into shape. The finished product is robust with a wall thickness in excess of 2mm.
Moncrieff provides glass making options to suit all requirements: Hand making gives customers the option to produce low volume manufacturing and competitive pricing. Alternatively for larger volumes we can offer machine pressing.

Made to Order
Pressed Glass can be made to your specific requirements.

Pressed Glass has numerous application within industrial, engineering and scientific fields. The most common applications are sightglasses, pressed glass domes, light fittings, protective covers and lenses for stage and theatre lighting.

Pressed Glass
Moncrieff offer a small range of standard products: glass wellglasses, lenses etc. However we specialist in manufacturing products to our customer specifications. If you have an enquiry or would like a quotation, we request a drawing or sketch, together with an indication of the potential quantity. The minimum order quantity, depending on design is usually 50 units.

We offer a variety of glass types: heat proof borosilicate, soda lime, flint glass, lead crystal and coloured glass. Acid etched and sandblasted glass is also supplied.

Coloured Glass
Coloured Glass has a variety of application, particularly in the military. We offer a range of flat diacroic glass in all the internationally recognize navigation colours. Diacroic glass is a versatile material. It looks silver to the eye, but when light passes through it is available in a variety of colours for military and a general lighting applications.

Toughened(Tempered) Glass
Toughened Glass is used where safety is an issue. Toughened Glass is as the name suggest stronger and can withstand greater impact. If Toughened Glass breaks, it will break into cubes, rather than sharp shards of glass. Among the many applications is in Hazardous Area Light fittings.

Toughened Glass is made by blasting cold air at the outside of the hot glass very quickly. This has the effect of cooling the outside whilst leaving the inside still hot, thereby creating a lot of stress in the glass.

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