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Gauge Glass

Gauge Glass and Sight Glass are generic, so regardless of the brand of Liquid Level Gauge you have, we can supply an equivalent or superior glass to suit. Our prices are much more competitively priced than if you were to go back to the manufacturer. We supply the gaskets and mica, if required, to make a complete replacement kit. It is recommended that glasses should be changed at least once a year, depending on the usage conditions, as part of a regular plant maintenance. Even if you have only a few gauges in your plant, the annual savings by switching to Moncrieff will be considerable.

Suitable Replacements for : Klinger, Bont, Penberthy, Daniel, Nihon Klingage,Level, Bunkie Boeki.

Gauge Glass Standard Size Information
Gauge Glass Technical Information

Gauge Glass that conform to all internationally recognized standards including: DIN 7081, BS 3463, Jis B 8211, O Norm M7354 and MIL G 16356 D. Available in Reflex, Plain and High Pressure forms.

Reflex Glasses are specifically designed to make reading liquids easier. They have prisms in the face, as the liquid flows across the glass it reflects giving a clear view of the level. The Reflex type are suitable for working environments where pressures do not exceed 400 psi (steam boilers) and 2500 psi (non steam). Reflex Gauge Glass Sizes


Transparent or Plain Glasses can be produced individually or in pairs to permit direct illumination of the level pressure, liquid or temperature. They are used in medium pressure applications and they can also be angled to provide a bi colour system. This system is ideal in low visibility situation, as by refraction of the light the level is shown as a distinct red or green.Transparent Gauge Glass Sizes

Custom Made Products
Gauge Glass that you need not listed ? Please contact us and we will be able to manufacture it for you. We make for unusual Korean and Japanese gauges, and can supply glasses to suit Hopkinson and Dewrance products. We have made glasses up to 65mm thick and over 800mm long.

High Pressure Glass
These are designed to withstand pressures up to 1500 psi (steam boilers) and 5000 psi (non steam).It is recommended that they are used in conjunction with a Mica, for additional safety and to prolong the lifespan of the glass

Product Range
We offer the widest range of sizes in both 30mm and 34mm widths, to suit lower and higher pressure applications. In addition we have a full range in 21mm thick for higher pressures, Alumino-Silicate for high temperature, and RTA glass for the popular Klinger Gauge. A separate range of imperial sized glass are available for the North American market.

The glasses are for use in Liquid Level Gauges and we have types suitable for everything from a simple Tank Gauge to a High Pressure Boilers

Mica and Gaskets
to form complete replacement kits are supplied by Moncrieff. The kit comprises glass, suitable gaskets and mica where appropriate. Off the shelf kits are available for all standard gauge glasses and many port gauges.

Gaskets have a multitude of applications, in Liquid Level Gauges, the gaskets fit between the glass and the body of the gauge to forming a cushion to prevent glass from being chipped or scratched, it also forms a secure water tight seal.
Choosing the correct gasket material is essential for safe operation of the Liquid Level Gauge. The engineer should consider the operating temperature and pressure and also the media flowing through the gauge itself. If you are able to advise the above, we can recommend a gasket that will ensure safe operation.

Spiral Wound Gaskets
To compliment our gasket range we have introduce a range of Spiral Wound Gaskets for effective Valve and Pipe sealing.

Mica Shields are placed in front of Gauge Glass ad Sightglass, in some applications. Particularly in when the glass is subject to High Pressures and Chemical Attack.Where glass is exposed to pressure of in excess of 25 Bar (350 PSI) and 220° C (431° F), Mica should be used.We offer high quality ruby mica in a range of thickness' and grades to suit a wide range of applications.

Other Applications
Mica is used in a variety of industries and we would be pleased to offer our most competitive prices. As well as High Tech electronic applications, mica is used in traditional lamps and for wood burning stoves, we supply cut mica for these applications.

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