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Tubular Glass

It is very easy to spot liquid level from a distance when you use Red Line Tubular Gauge Glass. The red stripe on a white background gives a special optical effect which makes the liquid level stand out clearly. Thus you can easily read the gauge from across a room. These are made from heat-resistant tubing.

The Plain High Pressure Tubes are the most popular type of tube used today. They are versatile and more economical than the Red Line Tubes. Technical information

High Pressure Glass Tubes are suitable for Liquid Level Gauge applications. Moncrieff offers the widest range for outside diameters an lengths up to 2000mm. We also supply tubing for a host of other applications in both Soda Lime and Borosilicate. Diameters from 4 up to 300mm with an optional wall thickness. PDF Technical information

Acrylic Tube
Acrylic tubing is a hard, rigid, plastic which is perfectly clear and transparent. Acrylic has good chemical resistance and is unaffected by water. Although only half the weight of glass it is highly resistant to breakage. It is dimensionally stable, and is non toxic, odourless and tasteless. At room temperatures, acrylic is rigid. However at temperatures of 107?C (250?F), OR higher, acrylic becomes soft and rubber like. Other plastic tubes in PVC, Polyethene

General Glass Tubes
We offer a comprehensive range of tubes for other a multitude of other applications. For example Safety Lighting, Laboratory applications and in Sight Flow Indicators. Our range covers tubes from 10mm Outside Diameter up to 300mm in a variety of wall thickness. Coloured tubes for lighting applications a can also be supplied.
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Glass Bends

We supply glass U-Bend tubing, traditional tubing manipulated according to your requirement Precision Bore Tubing Precision Bore tubing has applications in Electronics and in the Laboratory. It allows you to have a much tighter internal diameter than is offered by standard tubing. We offer tubes with a tolerance as tight as 0.1mm.

Rubber Cones
When replacing the glass tube you must also replace the rubber sealing cones at either end of the tube. Moncrieff offer the widest range of cones to compliment our tubes. Available to suit 1/2", 3/4" and 5/8" Outside Diameters.

How to install Water Level Gauge Tubes
1.) Hold fitting rigidly in true alignment: so they won't turn when packing units are tightened. 2.) Provide metal washers so nuts can be tightened without twisting the packing or the tube.
3.) Provide positive, but not excessive, clearance between glass, packing nuts, and bearing washers.
4.) Keep glass short enough to allow for expansion.
5.) Tighten packing nuts enough to prevent leakage, but not so much that you hinder expansion or contraction.
6.) Use rubber packing for low and medium pressures, but use graphoil packing: Packing Sleeves for high temperatures or pressures.
7.) Use cylindrical or conical packing.

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